Raj Scientific has been founded on the core values of excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. We are totally committed to these values and have been consistently delivering quality products and services to our clients spread across the globe. At Raj Scientific, we are focused on providing engineering services and products which are based on scientific research. Our expertise in this niche area has helped us emerge as preferred partners to conglomerates across the world.

As a company, we believe in being forward-looking and continuously exploring new areas for development and working towards acquiring new technologies which will propel us into a new orbit. We believe it is this commitment to innovation and quality that has helped us grow and gain the trust and support of our customers. We firmly believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We are catering to a wide range of instruments:

Raj Scientific Company https://rajscientific.com/
Abrasion Tester https://rajscientific.com/abrasion-tester/
Abrasion Tester Manufacturer
Abrasion Tester Suppliers
Abrasion Tester Equipment
Abrasion Tester Machine
Gloss Meter https://rajscientific.com/imported-gloss-meter/
Gloss Meter Manufacturer
Gloss Meter Suppliers
Gloss Meter Equipment
Gloss Meter Machine
Scratch Tester https://rajscientific.com/scratch-tester-automatic/
Scratch Tester Manufacturer
Scratch Tester Suppliers
Scratch Tester Equipment
Scratch Tester Machine
Scratch Tester Machine Price
Colour Matching Cabinet https://rajscientific.com/colour-matching-cabinet/
Colour Matching Cabinet Manufacturer
Colour Matching Cabinet Suppliers
Colour Matching Cabinet Equipment
Colour Matching Cabinet Machine
Colour Matching Cabinet Price
ASTM distillation https://rajscientific.com/astm-solvent-distillation/
ASTM distillation Manufacturer
ASTM distillation Suppliers
ASTM distillation Machine
ASTM distillation Equipment
ASTM distillation Price
Weight Per Litre Cup https://rajscientific.com/weight-per-litre-cup/
Weight Per Litre Cup Manufacturer
Weight Per Litre Cup Suppliers
Weight Per Litre Cup Equipment
Weight Per Litre Cup Machine
Weight Per Litre Cup Machine Price
Conical Mandrel https://rajscientific.com/conical-mandrel-tester/
Conical Mandrel Manufacturer
Conical Mandrel Suppliers
Conical Mandrel Equipment
Conical Mandrel Machine
Conical Mandrel Machine Price
Salt Spray Cabinet https://rajscientific.com/salt-spray-cabinet/
Salt Spray Cabinet Manufacturer
Salt Spray Cabinet Suppliers
Salt Spray Cabinet Equipment
Salt Spray Cabinet Machine
Salt Spray Cabinet Price

and types of equipment for every Laboratory includes Paint, Printing Ink, Powder Coating, Pigment, Varnish Testing Instruments, Oil, Petroleum, Grease, Bitumen testing, Lab Wares, Silica-wares, Porcelain, Platinum-Wares. Water Testing / Analysing Instruments and test Kits
Glass-wares & Laboratory Chemicals Analytical testing instruments.
Electronic measuring instruments and other products used for research and development.

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